Household Move

Pricing Options

Your Bekins salesperson will come out to your home and provide you with a free, detailed estimate of the costs for your move.  We know that every move is different so we offer several pricing options for you to choose from including the No Excuse Move® -- you won't have to worry about any surprises. Based on our No Excuse Price™, the No Excuse Move® means you'll get a binding estimate that won't change even if we've underestimated the weight of your shipment (estimates are based on what the customer indicates will be moved at the time of the estimate and services required). And, if there's limited access at your destination for a full size moving van, you won't have to pay for a shuttle to get your household goods in the door. Here are some other pricing options to consider.

  • Actual Weight - the price is determined based on the weight of the items that you are moving
  • Not to Exceed - capped maximum based on the estimated items that you are moving
  • “No Excuse Price™” - a truly guaranteed price, which cannot change unless you change the items included on the estimate.  

Based on the services you select, your salesperson will create an estimate which will include the transportation cost plus any other services you may need.  If you’d like an estimate on packing, crating a special item or even storage, your salesperson will also provide you with those costs as part of the estimate.  By having everything in writing, there can be no last-minute surprises.

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