Gaining visibility. Everywhere...

Track your shipment with InterCom, Bekins shipment tracking tool. Whether you are moving to Alaska or London, Bekins International brings you closer to your move through our newly designed communications infrastructure, InterCom.  InterCom allows you to track your shipment throughout the entire moving process.  Built with the latest technology, InterCom delivers up to the date shipping information regarding sail dates, customs clearance, and scheduled deliveries.  With this information, Bekins International can deliver the quality of services that our customers have grown to expect.

InterCom also provides your relocation consultant the necessary control that your shipment requires.  Not only can they track and trace all of the activities associated with each move, they can be alerted to any changes, so that they can proactively communicate those changes throughout the network and most importantly, to you.

Our network also has visibility to the shipment tracking tool, so that they can proactively prepare for the next phase of the shipment’s journey.  Bekins International Group’s affiliated agents rely on InterCom to plan resources for the next phase of the move.  Advanced shipment notifications are sent to validate prior information and to assist the network in providing seamless transportation services.

If you have any additional questions regarding your international move, please feel free to contact us toll free at (800) 361-1266.

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