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To report loss or damage to your shipment, you must contact Bekins Customer Care at 800.992.5202.  Be sure to provide us with your Bill of Lading number and your complete mailing address, so that we can send you a claim form.  We recommend that you file a claim as soon as possible, but no later than 9 months after your delivery date to assure an accurate and prompt settlement.  Be aware that the valuation protection you elected will determine your settlement amount.  Do not discard any damaged items until a Bekins representative has had the opportunity to view the damage. 

In the event you experienced a transit delay, you may file a claim in writing within thirty (30) days of your delivery date.  Qualifying shipments may qualify for up to $125 per day, for every day of delay, for reimbursement of lodging and and one half of food expenses incurred because of the delay.  Contact your Bekins salesperson to discuss if you qualify for this reimbursement program. 

To view the Statement of Claim form in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel format, click the link below.  You have the option to enter your claim information on this form which can be saved and e-mailed to the Bekins Claims Department (recommended) or you can simply print the form out which can be filled out later and mailed/faxed to the Bekins Claims Department.

Statement of Claims Form

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