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Thank you for your interest in Bekins Van Lines.  It is an exciting time for the Bekins organization.  With our new ownership structure made up of agents and management, we believe that we have the appropriate balance of interests to secure a bright future.  This begins with our Board of Directors.  The Board consists of 7 agents and our CEO and extends to our Agent Advisory Groups which are led by key management personnel and agents (both shareholders and non-shareholders).  This mix of attitudes and opinions has proven successful in our first several years.  Just ask our agents.  We have completed multiple agent satisfaction surveys that indicate a high level of satisfaction with our new business structure.  We will continue to solicit and incorporate this feedback as part of our new culture.

Sometimes change is difficult and uncomfortable, but change is necessary to progress.  Bekins is not the same company it was in the past and it certainly is not the same company that it will be in the future.  The company has adopted a new strategic plan that has become our roadmap to change, our roadmap to the future and our roadmap to success.  We look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.  We appreciate your interest in Bekins and hope that you will consider joining us in this adventure.

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