Action Moving Services

Action Moving Services is a family owned business.  In an increasingly corporate world, there are not many of these family models left.  Action's model is unique because we have the face-to-face service that consumers prefer while we also participate in the most experienced moving network in the world (Bekins Van Lines, since 1891).  It is the best of both worlds.

Customers get hometown service at the local level and price/scheduling flexibility abroad.  We use our network of Bekins Agents to help ensure that moving trucks travel as full as possible.  This keeps our drivers satisfied as they are financially incentivized to work efficiently and it keeps the customer satisfied since they receive a world-class service at the most affordable price.  The end result is driver retention and longevity coupled with satisfied customers who receive a quality move (from someone who knew what he/she was doing) at an affordable price.

 This model moves thousands of customers every month and Bekins Van Lines is experiencing record levels of customer satisfaction.  We encourage you to involve us in your moving decision making process.  We further encourage you to compare us to other movers.  We are confident that you will find our service to be superior.  Call us today at (509) 922-1500 or visit us at 

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